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Some Sports Standups in this Shop:
National League, Cubs Ball Park, Chicago
Yankee Stadium, New York City
Wrigley Field, Home Grounds of Chicago Cubs
Surfer at Diamond Head, Hawaii
Trying Not to Let Age Get in the Way
Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, New York
Napoleon at Billiards
American Surf Pro
Alpine Golfing
Fenway Park, Home of the Boston Red Sox
Wrigley Field, Home of the Chicago Cubs
Skiing, Vail, Colorado
German Ski Ad - St. Moritz Skier
Woman Fly Fishing
Girl Skier
Ski Patrol Gstaad
Club Friends
Fishing Lure
Une Cocote
Baseball Couple Kissing
Baseball Batter
Baseball Game, Field, and Crowd
Wrigley Field-Stadium
Skiing, Aspen, Colorado
Skiing, Vail, Colorado
Man with Bicycle
Racing Thoroughbreds
Jockeys on Horses
Horse Show
Fruit Label, Polo Player
Girl with Fishing Basket
Very Large Fish
Fisherman's Friend
Man Swinging Golf Club
Golfing Man with Green Hat
Let's Golf Woman
Surfing Waikiki
Stadium, Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana
Rose Bowl, Pasadena
Harvard Football, Vintage Graphic
Woman Diving, Retro
Cornell Football, Vintage
Man, Woman and Surfboard
Woman with Tennis Racket
Man and Woman with Tennis Racket
Man Playing Tennis
Woman Playing Tennis
Roller Skaters
Ice Hockey Player
Ski Jumper
Slalom Skier
Pair Skating
Baseball Hall of Fame Glove
Ralph Greenleaf & Princess Nai Tai Tai
Billiards - A Kiss
Abbott & Costello
Ralph Greenleaf - 15 Times
The Break Shot
American Basketball Pro
Winning Team